SORALUCE FXR Milling Boring Machine awarded with the international distinction for high design quality after proving its design excellence in the most important international competition.

From a record number of 5214 participants, from 57 nations, SORALUCE FXR milling boring machine stood out and has been the winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016, being one of this year’s best of the industry.

The Red Dot jury, consisting of 41 expert independent designers, design professors and specialised journalists, discussed all entries live and on site according to the strict Red Dot statutes.

IBON ROMAN, Head of Industrial Design at SORALUCE

IBON-ROMAN-SORALUCE “Customers have realised that the new generation of SORALUCE machines goes beyond the frontiers of production. We have a new vision of the concepts of the machine, both milling and boring machines, as well as multitasking centres or vertical lathes. We are based on the idea that different parts of the machine require a different treatment and therefore we break down the different areas of the machine: Working Area, Human Area, Maintenance Spots, Logistic Area and we define the concept of Total Machine”.





NEW GENERATIONnew generation soraluce

+ Working Area
+ Human Area
+ Maintenance Spots
+ Logistic Area
= Total Machine Concept



Within an overall DANOBATGROUP project, where SORALUCE is integrated and supported by DHEMEN, a company dedicated to industrial design, SORALUCE has created a new range of machines that revolutionize the market, thanks to the incorporation of a new design concept that responds to the needs of the operator with greater ergonomics and safety, something that has a direct and sine qua non influence on the success of advanced manufacturing. Aware of the vital importance of this aspect, SORALUCE has taken a radical turn in the design of its machines so that they better adapt to the needs of the operator and of the entire production process, to thus fully optimise the potential of the high-technology of the machines to supply the highest possible productivity in the solution.

The New SORALUCE Generation is based on a complete revision of the machine from the user’s point of view focusing on improving operation efficiency and developing a Total Machine Concept, that takes into account the machine but also the complete working area as a whole in order to guarantee and optimal final result.

With this new design concept, SORALUCE has added to its equipment large number of innovations not only with the aim of facilitating work and making them a safer environment, but also to simplify maintenance and to minimise stoppage time thus increasing the productivity  and profitability of the machine.

The evolution taken in design makes it easier to operate and maintain the machine. SORALUCE has launched onto the market a new generation of machines which have a more ergonomic working environment and maximum protection for the operator.